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关于我们 - About Us



Hudson Industries, Inc. was established in 1979 to provide aircraft parts and material supports.

Our goal is to provide quality aircraft parts at competitive prices meeting your specific

requirements. The cornerstone of this philosophy is based on our desire to develop and nature

mutually advantageous business relationships. By quickly responding to the needs of our customers

in a professional manner, Hudson has built a reputation for being a reliable and responsive source

in the aviation industry.

Service & Support

Hudson has been an aircraft parts supplier for more than twenty years. Our sales force strives to

achieve total customer satisfaction through a solid foundation of product knowledge and aggressive

research. The company has the technical expertise, information systems, and financial resources

necessary to meet global customer demands. We help you reduce cycle time, improve cash flow, lower

risks, and minimize costs. Hudson will work closely with you to provide reliable, speedy, and cost

-effective service.

Quality Control & Inventory

We are dedicated to provide quality products and services that meet your changing needs. Hudson

employees uphold high standards for performance, reliability, and maintain the ISO-9002, AS-9000 &

FAA0056 certifcations. All inventories are inspected to ensure compliance to your purchase order

terms and conditions.


The goal of the Hudson's operation group is to coordinate all function of the various internal

departments provide you with Responsibility include: facilities warehouse and part management,

maintaining parts inventory as required. Scheduling and handling of shipping to provide timely

delivery according to customer requirements.

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关于我们 - About Us
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